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Children provided a safe environment at CVEC

By Deb Schneider, SOS Child Visitation & Exchange Center Director The SOS Child Visitation & Exchange Center (CVEC) has been open in Emporia for the last 16 years. Even though I’ve lived in Emporia more than 30 years, I was unaware of the CVECs existence. For the past six years, I have been the director of the center and have realized the importance of
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SOS shelter provides safety net for victims

By Cecilia Hernandez, Shelter Manager/Victim Advocate At 3 a.m., an SOS advocate’s phone rings. Helpline staff is on another line stating an advocate is needed at a residence for a domestic dispute or at the hospital for a sexual assault. An SOS advocate arrives within 15 minutes to provide support for the victim. At SOS, safety is our primary concern, which often means utilizing
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Who’s on the front line during a crisis?

By Danielle Armitage, Outreach Prevention and Education Coordinator When someone is in an abusive relationship SOS Crisis Services is the front line of being able to help individuals. We help them move from victim to survivor within Chase, Coffey, Greenwood, Lyon, Morris and Osage Counties. SOS services are available 24-hours-a-day to individuals who seek assistance from an advocate. During the workday, advocates are available
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