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SOS – simply a call for help!

Susan Faler, Community Relations Director “SOS” is the international call sent out by ship or plane indicating that help or rescue is needed. SOS isn’t an acronym – it stands for nothing at all – except help! Just like the local non-profit organization SOS, Inc., there is not special significance in the letters themselves, just simply – a call for help. SOS, Inc. is
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From little seeds grow mighty trees

By Susan Faler, Community Relations Director Have you wondered how SOS makes a difference for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, child abuse and neglect? SOS has grown the last 39 years, just like the seeds we plant with our clients and community. It’s often hard to see change in our work and progress can be slow, but we continue to sow and cultivate the
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Top 10 Reasons To Use A Child Visitation and Exchange Center

  Child Visitation and Exchange Centers is a positive and neutral environment for families. The home like atmosphere of Child Visitation and Exchange Centers is comforting and calming for children. Staggered arrival and departure times for parents ensures no contact between parties, reducing stress for the entire family. Child Visitation and Exchange Centers are staffed with highly trained visitation supervisors. Families can refer themselves
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