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SOS – simply a call for help!

Susan Faler, Community Relations Director “SOS” is the international call sent out by ship or plane indicating that help or rescue is needed. SOS isn’t an acronym – it stands for nothing at all – except help! Just like the local non-profit organization SOS, Inc., there is not special significance in the letters themselves, just simply – a call for help. SOS, Inc. is
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10 Standards for National Children’s Alliance Accreditation

The SOS Child Advocacy Center is accredited by the National Children’s Alliance.  There are 10 standards a Child Advocacy Center must meet to become accredited. 1.  Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) 2.  Cultural Competency and Diversity 3.  Forensic Interview 4.  Victim Support and Advocacy 5.  Medical Evaluation 6.  Mental Health 7.  Case Review 8.  Case Tracking 9.  Organizational Capacity 10.  Child Focused Setting For more information about the National
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Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Centers

The SOS Child Advocacy Center was fortunate to have Cerina Marlar from the Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Centers come to visit last week!  Cerina is the Program Manager of Mental Health and Victim Advocacy and made a special trip to Kansas to tour numerous Child Advocacy Centers in Kansas as well as attend our state Child Advocacy Centers meeting.  She spent time at our
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Pasture Golf Fundraiser to Benefit the SOS Child Advocacy Center

SOS is so excited to share this fun family focused fundraising opportunity! PrairieLand Partners, Inc. is hosting Pasture Golf to raise funds for the SOS Child Advocacy Center. This video explains the history behind Pasture Golf and what kind of fun you will encounter while participating this year! Pasture Golf – Partner with us… Hosted by: PrairieLand Partners, Inc. (John Deere) Beneficiaries: S.O.S. Child
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Support Funding for the Victims of Child Abuse Act

Last year, 124 abused children walked through the door of the SOS Child Advocacy Center.  And, while it is shocking to think of those numbers in our great community, I am so glad that we were there to help them find safety and healing while holding their abuser accountable. It hasn’t always been like that in Emporia.  Prior to the development of the SOS
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