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“SOS Strong” is an annual fundraiser that features a group of local men dedicated to helping SOS stop sexual and domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect by raising $1,000 each to support SOS programs.

This all-male campaign was designed to show that men are more than abusers, controllers and runaway fathers. Children need to know men can be positive influences and compassionate people. The community needs to see that abuse is not just a woman’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem.

“SOS Strong” members strive to each raise $1,000 between August 1 and 21.

2016s Strong Men

SOS was proud to announce not 10 but 11 Strong Men for 2016s. The year’s upstanders were:

  • Jim Baker
  • Jason Brooks
  • Jim Cummins
  • Tracy Edwards
  • Larry Finley with CBAS
  • Art Gutierrez
  • Joe Lauer
  • Tony Leek
  • Chuck Samples
  • Garret Seacat
  • Philip Wilson

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If you are donating to support a specific SOS Strong Man, be sure to indicate which his name in the “In Honor of” In Honor Of Screen Captureline by choosing yes as demonstrated in the picture below. If you are supporting the program as a whole, indicate SOS Strong in the “In Honor of” field. Thank you for your support.

The SOS Strong event for 2016 is complete. If you would like to donate to SOS, please visit Donate/Volunteer for more information.