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Safe Teen Dating

With 1 in 3 teens being in an abusive relationship it is important for parents and teens to know how to stay safe in a dating relationship.  When first meeting someone that you are considering going on a date with it is important to think of all the options that you may have.  One of the easiest options might be to go on a double date so you have friends with you if you start to become uncomfortable with your date.  If a double date is not an option then you should always try to find out the plans for the date ahead of time and be able to share that information with either a friend or a parent so if something happens they know how to find you or get a hold of you.

Another issue that might also jeopardize your safety in a dating relationship might be the use of drugs or alcohol.  If you are on a date with drugs and alcohol present you need to make sure you let your date know what your expectations are.  This might be an opportunity also that you plan to go with your friends and make a pact to all go together and leave together so that no one gets into an unsafe situation if they become intoxicated and are unable to make clear decisions.

One last thought would be that if something does not feel right then you should trust your instincts and let someone know so you can get the support you need.