Flames in the Flint Hills

fire consuming prairie grass -photo by Jessie Voiers, JVoiers Photography

Generations of ranchers and farmers have learned ways to tame the fires of the prairie and now generations of well intentioned citizens and professionals must learn how to tame the fire of violence. SOS, Inc. is committed to improving the lives of those affected by sexual and domestic violence and child abuse and neglect.
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Phantom Ball

Join SOS in our Phantom Ball celebrated from June 20th-July 20th. All you have to do is donate to SOS c/o the Phantom Ball – no tux required. Giving Level At home with Snuggie – miss the ball $25.00 USDMiss the ball and buffet, (dry chicken, cold green beans) $50.00 USDSkip the ball, buffet and boring PowerPoint $100.00 USDIgnore the ball, buffet, speaker and
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Our Success

girl on a swing

  Working with survivors of abuse, success means something different for everyone. Sometimes it’s simply being heard – as in the case of children served by our CASA program and Child Advocacy Center.