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P.S. It’s My Body!

Happy Bear mascot with two young children in a classroom setting

When most people think of coming into contact with a six foot tall bear the most common feeling is fear!  However, not when our friendly 6 foot tall Happy Bear comes to visit. Happy Bear is a friendly character in a personal safety curriculum called P.S. It’s My Body!, which is used by SOS advocates in local schools.   He is a loving bear that teaches safety to children beginning at preschool age and used most often until 1st grade.

Happy Bear- a mascot for SOS gives a presentation on safe touch to kids in a classroom

Happy Bear, the SOS mascot, works with Danielle to educate kids about safe touch.

Since safety is important all day long the play starts at home when Happy wakes up until the time he goes to sleep.  Throughout his day Happy is faced with challenges such as how to cross the street safely, dealing with bullying, and unwelcome touches.  At the end of the presentation children are able to identify the difference between welcome and unwelcome touches and know ways to keep themselves safe.  If Happy says it is ok then at the end of the lesson children may give Happy a welcome touch of their own.  The welcome touches that Happy approves of are high fives and hugs.  Happy Bear allows children to learn safety skills in a fun and memorable way.