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Men Can Stop Rape: Four Things You Can Do To Take A Stand

Rape is often viewed as a women’s issue. SOS would challenge you to view rape as everyone’s issue.  In fact men can stop rape!  Men can be a voice of safety for women!  And men can take a stand to end violence against women today! Here are four things you can do to take a stand today!

  1. Provide a Distraction!  If you see someone in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation call or text their cell to provide a distraction. Or distract the man that is speaking to her with a simple, “Hey man, don’t I know you from ________?”  A distraction can give her an opportunity to remove herself from the situation.
  2. Group Intervention! Ask your/her friends to help out with distraction and separation.  They can pull her aside to check in. Or they can say to him “I see what you are doing and it’s not okay.”
  3. Get an Authority!  Ask a bartender, bouncer or any other authority figure to help.
  4. Prepare Yourself!  Be aware of the pressures men face to NOT take a stand and choose what kind of MAN you want to be.
As much as we can do to prevent violence, it still happens. If you have a friend who has been abused refer them to SOS. Our confidential helpline is staffed 24-7, 620-342-1870 or 800-825-1295.