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Local Men Strive to Be SOS Strong

SOS Strong Men Group picture and logo

Back for 2016: SOS Strong

Not all abusers are men; however, the vast majority of domestic violent crimes are committed by male perpetrators. “SOS Strong” is a grassroots, all-male campaign made of local men dedicated to helping SOS stop sexual and domestic violence, child abuse and neglect. Each “Strong Man” signs a pledge to lead by example, not blame victims, and be a positive up-stander. Their goal is to raise $1,000 each to support SOS programs.

Our Strong Men

SOS Strong celebrates strong, compassionate men in our community striving to put an end to domestic violence. This fundraiser was designed to show that men are more than abusers, controllers and runaway fathers. Children need to know men can be positive influences and compassionate people. The community needs to see that abuse is not just a woman’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem.
“SOS Strong gives these men the opportunity to raise money for programs that fight for safety every day,” said Connie Cahoone, SOS executive director. “They are standing up for someone in need and being positive up-standers and we sincerely appreciate them participating in this grassroots endeavor.”
SOS Strong was created in 2015 and raised $16,000 for survivor services and programs in its first run.

Kicking Things Off

On Tuesday, July 27, the SOS Board of Directors sponsored a kickoff party for the 2016 pride of SOS Strong. Lucas Moody, Child Advocacy Center Director for SOS, delivered a moving speech underscoring the importance of standing up as a brother, father, community leader and role model to demonstrate respect and compassion in relationships and all interactions. SOS Strong members Jim Cummins, Philip Wilson, Tony Leek, Jim Baker, Tracy Edwards, Art Gutierrez, Jason Brooks, Chuck Samples, Joe Lauer, Garret SeaCat, and Larry Finley with CBAS will strive to reach their $1,000 goals between Aug. 1 and 21.

How You Can Help

Lucas Moody adds, “SOS Strong is about so much more than money. It is the start of taking back what it means to be a man.” Help support these men and their movement by donating any amount and placing their name in the “In Honor Of” field. For more information, call 343-8799 or send us an email.