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From little seeds grow mighty trees

By Susan Faler, Community Relations Director

Have you wondered how SOS makes a difference for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, child abuse and neglect? SOS has grown the last 39 years, just like the seeds we plant with our clients and community. It’s often hard to see change in our work and progress can be slow, but we continue to sow and cultivate the seeds of hope among our clients.

Help our garden and “Sow Our Seeds” with us.

As we sow, we water and nurture the seeds. An advocate meets with a sexual assault victim at the hospital. Our 24-hour helpline is called by a woman who has been verbally and physically abused. An advocate is called to court to help a victim file a “protection from abuse” order.

Sunshine is needed for our seeds to grow. An advocate presents prevention education about healthy relationship at local schools. A caller asks how they can become a CASA of the Flint Hills volunteer. The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) receives a call to provide child abuse mandated reporter training.

The sprout grows toward the light in hope. The Child Visitation and Exchange Center (CVEC) receives court orders from the court to begin services. CASA is assigned by the court to be the voice of an abused child.

We work the soil. The CAC interviews a sexually abused child. A client and her children each attend a children’s and adult’s support group. An advocate works with a client to connect him with community resources for housing, food and medical care.

Rays of sunshine. After several Helpline calls, a victim is ready to leave a bad home situation and come to the shelter for safety. The Administrative Team completes a grant application for funding. The CVEC begins the reintegration process for parents and their children with supervised visits or exchanges.

Walk through our garden with us and learn the ups and downs of what victims experience, how SOS helps and how you can help our seeds grow into mighty trees!

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