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2016 Domestic Violence Summit

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We are excited to announce Dr. Jacquelyn C. Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN as our featured presenter for 2016. Dr. Campbell created The Danger Assessment, an instrument that helps to determine the level of danger an abused person has of being killed by their intimate partner. For 25 years, the Danger Assessment tool has been used by law enforcement, health care professionals, and domestic violence advocates.

This session will give participants background and instruction on how to administer the DA to victims/survivors, the weighted scoring for the DA, the resulting levels of Danger and what kinds of safety strategies might be recommended at each level. Participants will be eligible for certification in the DA at the completion of the session and will receive directions on how to obtain and use the certification.

You will receive a certificate of completion for the Domestic Violence Summit from SOS as well as information on how to complete the Danger Assessment Training on your own, if you so choose. There is an additional discounted charge for online certification for each participant which is $25 per participant when accompanied with the live training session. Official Danger Assessment training certification has proven to be valuable for use in court proceedings.

The 2016 Domestic Violence Summit will take place in Emporia, Kansas on Tuesday, October 11. Cost is $40 per person and includes lunch and refreshments. Registration will close on Tuesday, October 4. The event brochure (PDF) can be downloaded here.

Please feel free to reach out to SOS with questions at any time.

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