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Don’t come to the Phantom Ball

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Have you heard about the SOS Phantom Ball? It’s the Ball that really isn’t a ball at all!

When working for a non-profit there are so many unknowns, especially in the funding arena.
We’re sure you’ve heard grant funding is being cut across the board and you are most likely noticing everyone has their hand out. We understand the public and business owners only have so many hours available to attend fundraising events and so many dollars to donate. So, we find ourselves repeatedly asking, “What type of fundraiser would be fun, innovative and effective in getting the word out about our programs?”

And THIS my friends, is how the “Phantom Ball” was created.

You see, the Phantom Ball is a non-event; it’s designed as the most comfortable fundraiser in which you will ever participate. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes and stand on your feet all night because there is no event. You don’t have to eat dry chicken or cold green beans at a table of strangers because there is no event. You don’t have to arrange for a babysitter or sit through a boring PowerPoint and monotone guest speaker because there is no event.

Have you ever asked yourself “Can’t I just send a check, do I actually have to go?”

Well, here’s your opportunity! You can just send a check!

We have several donation levels from which you may choose:

  • $25 to $49 – Stay home in your Snuggie with your family and miss the ball.
  • $50 – $99 – Miss the ball and buffet which would consist of dry chicken and cold green beans.
  • $100 – $199 – Skip the ball, buffet and listening to a monotone guest speaker and boring PowerPoint.
  • $200 – $499 – Ignore the ball, buffet, speaker and snoozefest awards ceremony
  • $500 or more – You do not have to sit at the head table and lead the first dance!
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Feel free to mail checks c/o the Phantom Ball to

P.O. Box 1191
Emporia, KS, 66801

or donate online.

Blogger’s note: To read more about our programs, click here to learn about our programs.

Submitted by Susan Faler