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Party Planning Kit

colorful mardi gras decoration with maskJust like snowflakes, no two parties are alike!  Develop a party plan that fits your style:

  • Mardi Gras: It doesn’t have to be carnival season to celebrate- invite guests to decorate a shoebox like a colorful float with prizes for the winner.
  • Picnic party:  Invite guests to join you for an outdoor picnic or barbecue.  Make it a BYOB and ask your guests to bring their favorite picnic dish.
  • Theme night:  Throwing a party around Halloween or just like to get dressed up?  Have a costume party!  Go the extra mile and ask invitees to dress as their favorite female diva or celebrity!
  • High class:  Have a wine and cheese party or serve champagne and strawberries.  You could even make it a formal dress event.
  • Movie night:  Pop up the popcorn and throw a movie in the DVD player.  Choose a current movie that deals with domestic violence or family violence, and then have a post-film discussion about the film.
  • Potluck:  The tried and true formula.  You provide the drinks, and invitees provide the food.
  • The Classic:  Why mess with perfection?  Serve drinks and light hors d’oeuvres in your home.
  • Auction It Off.: Incorporate something fun to raffle off as a door prize, or have a silent auction to raise money for SOS during your party!
  • Just Desserts:  Serve coffee and desserts to your guests.  Who doesn’t love dessert?
  • Rock Out: Throw a benefit concert for SOS.  See if local bands and venues will donate services in exchange for advertising.
  • Group bike ride: A new trend in Kansas, get 20 of your friends to go on a long, Sunday group ride on a fun route and return to your house for brunch food and beverages.
  • Scavenger hunt: Get creative!  Work with local businesses to pass on clues and send your friends on a neighborhood scavenger hunt for goofy items, clues, and answers.  Make it competitive and give prizes for best time, most items gathered, etc.
  • Wine tasting party: Provide a wide variety of local or top-rated wines for sampling and set up a rating system so friends can vote on their favorites!  Better yet, do a blind wine tasting and reveal the wine varietals at the end of the evening.
  • Eat out together: If you don’t want to host the party in our own home a great option is to find a local restaurant with a banquet room, reserve it, and host your party at a local restaurant.  Often, once restaurant owners understand the purpose of the function, they are willing to kick-in a little something as well.

Call SOS if you have questions 620-343-8799