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Back to School Safety

Back to school safety is not only for parents, but also bus drivers and school staff. There are different ways children can get to and from school – walking, riding their bikes, rides from parents or catching the bus. Think of these safety tips for your child and their school experience.

When driving

There are slower speed limits when you approach schools and their crossing guards. Crossing guards wear brightly colored vests and the speed bumps near schools are painted to warn you. Be sure you follow traffic laws including not texting and driving.

Bike riders

Parents, call your child’s school before the year begins because there are some schools who limit the age of children who are able to ride their bikes to school. If the child is old enough to ride their bike make sure they are following all safety rules like wearing a helmet and knowing how to use hand signals to turn. Always teach children to go in the same direction as traffic to avoid being hit. Another great reminder is to make a safe route that they can always use when going to school and coming home. If it is possible have children ride with their friends because the bigger the crowd the safer the children are.

Walking to school

Having permission to do anything is a key factor to keep a child safe. Teach your child to not get into cars with anyone, even if they know them, unless the parent has given them consent. Parents, make a safe route for your child that will keep them on sidewalks and to also increase their group number by walking with a friend. The more people in a group the bigger their strengths are. The rule of always looking twice before crossing the street is also great to use. When it comes to the load the child has to carry in their book bags, make sure the heaviest items are placed closest to the child’s back to reduce the strain of objects.

School buses

To make sure the child gets on the bus in a timely matter, make sure to have them show up at least five or ten minutes before it arrives. Remind the child that all vehicles including buses have “blind spots” which are located about ten feet from the front of the bus. Make sure they have in-bus manners, which means staying in your seat, keeping all limbs inside of the bus, and not to distract the driver. Bus drivers, always be on the lookout for children crossing the streets.

Playground safety

Teachers, take a look at your playground equipment and observe if there is anything that needs to be readjusted. Make sure there is enough room at either sides of the swing sets and twice as high in height for the children to safely swing. If there are any ropes, cords, etc. that could lead a child to strangle themselves think twice before installing or remove it. Always report something that may be hazardous or if something is broken to keep the children safe as they play.