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P.S. It’s My Body!

When most people think of coming into contact with a six foot tall bear the most common feeling is fear! However, not when our friendly 6 foot tall Happy Bear comes to visit. Happy Bear is a friendly character in a personal safety curriculum called P.S. It’s My Body!, which is used by SOS advocates in local schools. He is a loving bear that teaches safety to children beginning at preschool age and used most often until 1st grade.
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CASA Volunteers Sworn In

New CASA volunteers Susan Marsh and Nicole Shepard are sworn in by Judge Jeffry Larson to begin service in the Fifth Judicial District! After a screening process, new CASA volunteers participate in comprehensive volunteer training over the course of five weeks.  This training, the format of which is half online and half in a classroom setting, prepares CASA volunteers for important advocacy work as
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Pasture Golf Fundraiser to Benefit the SOS Child Advocacy Center

SOS is so excited to share this fun family focused fundraising opportunity! PrairieLand Partners, Inc. is hosting Pasture Golf to raise funds for the SOS Child Advocacy Center. This video explains the history behind Pasture Golf and what kind of fun you will encounter while participating this year! Pasture Golf – Partner with us… Hosted by: PrairieLand Partners, Inc. (John Deere) Beneficiaries: S.O.S. Child
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Back To School Resources

Where has our summer gone?  It is time to start thinking about heading back to school! Book bags, pencils, school clothes, and shoes.  All of those back to school items add up fast!  Luckily our community has some great back to school events to help families get ready without breaking the bank! Back To School Giveaway! August 3rd, 2013 from 8-11 @ Grace United
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Top 10 Reasons To Use A Child Visitation and Exchange Center

  Child Visitation and Exchange Centers is a positive and neutral environment for families. The home like atmosphere of Child Visitation and Exchange Centers is comforting and calming for children. Staggered arrival and departure times for parents ensures no contact between parties, reducing stress for the entire family. Child Visitation and Exchange Centers are staffed with highly trained visitation supervisors. Families can refer themselves
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Support Funding for the Victims of Child Abuse Act

Last year, 124 abused children walked through the door of the SOS Child Advocacy Center.  And, while it is shocking to think of those numbers in our great community, I am so glad that we were there to help them find safety and healing while holding their abuser accountable. It hasn’t always been like that in Emporia.  Prior to the development of the SOS
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Day-Camping for Change

In today’s world, it takes a team of people to accomplish something great. Kids in Chase County are getting a chance to explore teamwork while having fun.

During the school year, SOS and Project T.E.E.N. present information about healthy relationships, personal safety, bullying, self-esteem and more to Chase County students in Kindergarten through 12th-grade. For the third continuous summer, they have teamed up to bring the children of Chase County “Kydzone Extreme: Where you work as a team.”
We still need donations for the last two lunches. If you have questions about your child attending “Kydzone” or about donating food for lunches, contact Julia, 620-767-8239 or call the SOS 24-Hour Helpline, 800-825-1295. “Kydzone” has been a huge success and we are already looking forward to next year!
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The Truth About Sexting

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages and/or photographs via mobile phones. Recent data shows that 30% of teenagers engage in sexting. A teenager choosing to take a sexually explicit photograph of themselves and then send it to someone very likely doesn’t understand the seriousness of that choice. Sending a sexually explicit picture of a minor (even themselves) is the distribution of
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