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Available positions are listed below. Check back for other employment opportunities or consider an SOS volunteer positionOpenings at SOS are also submitted to KansasWorks.


JOB TITLE: Victim Advocate for the Underserved

REPORTS TO: Crisis Services Director

PURPOSE: To assist underserved victims of sexual and domestic violence, mainly the elderly, persons with disabilities, and human trafficking for all SOS counties served. Assist in any of the following ways: crisis support, referral, case planning, information, and resources acquisition.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: An ability to work with a variety of people, including those of different races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds; Good communication, time management, and advocacy skills as well as empathetic, client-centered orientation; Ability to represent the agency in a positive and professional manner; Bachelors degree in a related field or related work experience; patience with and empathy towards victims.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of domestic and sexual violence and issues pertaining to the empowerment of all victims/survivors; bilingual (preferably English and Spanish); Masters Degree in an appropriate field.


  • Serve as the first responder to these underserved victims.
  • Provide short-term one-on-one support to these underserved individuals both in and outside the shelter. Support may be in the form of counseling, teaching life skills, or assisting with employment opportunities.  Provide safety planning and education to clients.
  • Make appropriate referrals to community agencies and assist with resources acquisition.
  • Offer continued or follow-up services as necessary and/or requested.
  • Provide transportation for clients when necessary, or assist clients in making transportation arrangements.
  • Conduct strengths needs assessment with sheltered clients and non-sheltered clients and co-create a service plan with the client including goal completion.
  • Ensure that sheltered victims are met with at least once weekly to explore their needs for
  • Work with clients to give them guidance and moral support, providing them with tangible options. Help clients develop and maintain a safety plan.
  • Accompany clients to court for protection from abuse (PFAs) or other matters, to the hospital for medical treatment and to law enforcement agencies as needed in order to provide support.
  • Work with clients at the Shelter ensuring the procedures and policies are being followed and confidentiality is maintained.
  • Provide on-call relief with other staff on a rotating basis.
  • Network with community agencies and systems who work with these underserved populations.
  • Enlist the help of community partners to identify these underserved victims.
  • Document contacts and other imperative information using appropriate intake and exit documentsper agency policy and procedures. Enter updated information into client database.
  • Attend professional training and continuing education opportunities when possible and at the request of your supervisor.Attend KAVA.
  • Participate in staff meetings and supervision.
  • Other duties as assigned by your supervisor or the SOS Executive Director, including complying with grant goals, objectives, and reports.

Status:  Full time/Non-Exempt


JOB TITLE: Helpline Advocate/Shelter Support Staff

REPORTS TO: Volunteer Coordinator and/or Crisis Services Director

PURPOSE:The Helpline Advocate is the immediate response to the helpline. The Helpline Advocate provides assistance to people in immediate crisis and/or danger.  They must quickly assess callers’ safety; provide immediate resources, support, information and appropriate referrals. The Hotline Advocate obtains pertinent information from callers and relays information to the on-call advocate and/or Crisis Services Director. The Helpline Advocate has an understanding of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking.

REQUIREMENTS: Availability to work on-site at the non-disclosed shelter location with shifts including evening, weekends and holidays. An ability to work with a variety of people, including those of different races, colors, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Ability to respond empathetically and calmly in a crisis. Openness to new experiences and individuals, willingness to learn and to accept feedback constructively and to adhere to agency philosophy, policies, and procedures.


Work directly with clients

  • Provide crisis and emergency support, information, and referrals to clients and their families, with follow up support provided as appropriate.
  • Provide factual and unbiased information to clients regarding law enforcement, medical, and legal procedures.
  • Provide advocacy services for clients and inform clients and their families of available community resources.
  • When appropriate, participate in family (resident) meetings and or lead resident activities that promote communication, age appropriate activities and positive role modeling.

Basic Helpline Advocate Shift Duties

  • If unable to work find a replacement.
  • Provide written report of activity on shift to the next shelter staff or Crisis Services Advocate on the next business day.
  • Provide a welcoming environment to victims entering the shelter. Assist Crisis Services Advocate with room preparations including hygiene materials, intake and exit paperwork, as appropriate.
  • Maintain a clean, comfortable shelter.

Maintain Shelter Security

  • Must comply with all SOS policies and procedures, ensuring that they do not engage in activities that jeopardize their own integrity or safety, the integrity or safety of a client, or the integrity of any SOS program.
  • Advocates must refrain from giving legal or medical advice to clients and from representing themselves as psychological counselors.

Other Duties

  • Attend all scheduled training and in-service sessions.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned by your supervisor or the SOS Executive Director, including complying with grant goals, objectives, and reports.

Status:  Part time/Non-Exempt



SOS offers employees a competitive benefits package and is an equal opportunity employer. To apply, submit a cover letter and resume via email to Connie Cahoone.

OR by mail to:
SOS, Inc.
c/o Connie Cahoone
P.O. Box 1191
Emporia, KS 66801

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My career with SOS showed me that by helping others learn about their strengths, I became stronger.

-SOS Staff member

SOS serves six counties in East Central Kansas. A challenging, rewarding organization to work for, SOS employees have these qualities:

  • commitment to client confidentiality
  • professionalism in person and online
  • humor under pressure
  • interest in continuous improvement


To improve the lives of those affected by sexual and domestic violence, child abuse and neglect.