From little seeds grow mighty trees

By Susan Faler, Community Relations Director Have you wondered how SOS makes a difference for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, child abuse and neglect? SOS has grown the last 39 years, just like the seeds we plant with our clients and community. It’s often hard to see change in our work and progress can be slow, but we continue to sow and cultivate the
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Domestic Violence: How it affects the family

I think back to nights when I am sure they heard every word and when they were suddenly taken from their warm beds. I worry about the lasting affects and scars they might have due to the abuse. Recently, I read that “Boys who witness their fathers’ abuse of their mothers are more likely to inflict severe violence as adults” and that scares me.
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How is SOS like a power plant?

Many of you may know me as the SOS community relations director. I have been with SOS one and one-half years. My experience is vast in media/community relations and crisis communications but in other venues than non-profits. I worked for a nuclear power plant for 15 years. Recently, I caught myself comparing SOS to a nuclear power and realized there are many similarities between
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Back to School Safety

Back to school safety is not only for parents, but also bus drivers and school staff. There are different ways children can get to and from school – walking, riding their bikes, rides from parents or catching the bus. Think of these safety tips for your child and their school experience.
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Password Protect our Future

The following rules apply to your password. Use one capital letter, one number and one symbol. The symbol cannot be a * ( ) $ or !. No spaces, no running ………… Ahhhhh! We live in a society literally locked with all of the rules about passwords and the growing instances of identity theft.

But there is one item we have failed to “password protect,” OUR CHILDREN!
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We all have a role to play in ending child abuse

By the time you finish reading this, more than 30 cases of child abuse will have been reported to authorities nationwide. By the end of today, that number will swell past 9,000 and four of those children will die at the hands of their abuser.All in a single day. When we take stock of these sobering statistics during April – National Child Abuse Prevention
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Valentine, Are You Mine? 3 Warning Signs of Love Gone Wrong

heart in hand

“You belong to me”

“Be Mine”

Sound like familiar, sweet sentiments? They can be. Yet some practice a love that is about control and ownership instead of mutual support. Healthy love is about respect, equality and there is a sense of peace within it. Unhealthy relationships are marked with jealousy, fear, guilt, coercion and control.
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Stalking Awareness

In a healthy relationship, you feel free to make your own decisions. You know your partner or friend values your opinion and safe boundaries. You do not try to control your partner’s actions or feelings. Relationships are not about ownership- they are about sharing love.
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